Charleston Gazetee WV, Coverage of Dunkard Creek

If you have time to check out this link, do so. And make sure you scroll down and read the comments and check out the posted links from those making the comments. All sorts of thoughts and information here. After checking over this site and reading all the comments from the NPR story yesterday, I am rather upset by the number of spills and damage reports that have not made any big news waves. It seems there is all sorts of smaller stuff going on and in general I feel that, as usual, the media is not doing a very good job of covering it. Well, some local papers and online sites are doing a very good job while others seem to pick an choose what information to discuss and pretend the rest of the story is not going on. I’m still waiting for NPR to redeem themselves……

This blog has a good write up on the indeterminate factors of what is killing the life in Dunkard Creek.

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