Getting Off the Ground

I’ve been seeking a way to communicate concerns about my local environment and it’s communities to the people who live and play within them. There are some very large changes taking place in north central Pennsylvania this summer. Changes in the oil and gas industries that can and may destroy or harm the deep forests and fresh waters of the PA Wilds.

I am seeking the truth any way I can. Watching for it to surface in the deep ruts of drilling trucks, in heart-felt letters to the editors of the local papers, in land-lease agreements, public blogs, community meetings and the bottom of your well.

I am seeking out others who have experiences, questions and concerns regarding the past, current and future drilling situations in the Mid-Atlantic. We all use the same water. We owe it to ourselves and our families to inquire about the procedures and regulations that are currently in place and insist that they are of such a design that we do not have to fear for our health, our land rights or significant changes in the land we use.

let’s get organized and get off the ground!