New State Impact PA App

Since I now live in south central PA (I moved south from Tioga County; north central PA) and have less access to the center of the gas drilling, I frequently use State Impact PA as a resource as well as tune in to WITF radio on my commutes to work, when I’m not pedaling my bike. This site has a lot of current info and wide coverage from gas drilling incidents and accidents, politics and interviews. Their latest info includes a new App that shows you exactly who is drilling and where.

I believe this sort of program is run through NPR and you can find this sort of info for all 50 states from this map.


How Can the Natural Gas Industry Make Itself Cleaner?

ANGA & NPR… sitting in a tree…eh, you know how it goes

Check out this article at NPR’s site. It seems that they have gotten involved (whether intentionally or not, it’s pretty suspicious) with some strong advertising from ANGA (America’s Natural Gas Alliance). ANGA is the organization that has been running the TV, radio and online ads that tote how “clean” and wonderful natural gas is and how it is going to save Americans from their fate worse than death of running out of energy sources. You can go to this link and see their website.

Once you get there a woman will talk to you about how natural gas is going to be the new “smart” way  for this country to be greener and save energy. Then she’ll encourage you to click on the “take action” button and let your congressman or woman know that you want them to include natural gas in the new climate change bill.  Of course, she has offered no real information or ideas, I guess you just have to take her word for it. You can click on some other info links at the top of the page if your still clueless and while the info given is true for the comparisons they offer, they leave out all the truths about hydro-fracking and the way natural gas is recovered from the earth. Although the use of gas might be “cleaner”, ANGA’s website sort of skips over any explanation of an impact on the environment other than clean air.

And to bring these two together; NPR and ANGA. This just goes to show how deep into the pockets of our society the energy companies are. But seriously, who’s surprised? The media is being run by corporate industries? Is this really ground breaking news?

NPR on Natural Gas Part II

Charleston Gazetee WV, Coverage of Dunkard Creek

If you have time to check out this link, do so. And make sure you scroll down and read the comments and check out the posted links from those making the comments. All sorts of thoughts and information here. After checking over this site and reading all the comments from the NPR story yesterday, I am rather upset by the number of spills and damage reports that have not made any big news waves. It seems there is all sorts of smaller stuff going on and in general I feel that, as usual, the media is not doing a very good job of covering it. Well, some local papers and online sites are doing a very good job while others seem to pick an choose what information to discuss and pretend the rest of the story is not going on. I’m still waiting for NPR to redeem themselves……

This blog has a good write up on the indeterminate factors of what is killing the life in Dunkard Creek.

NPR’s Coverage of the Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale

Every day I get quite a few emails from folks about the natural gas drilling that is taking place in my local area of Tioga County, PA. This morning I received a large number of emails all pertaining to one thing; NPR’s coverage of the natural gas drilling industry and the role the Marcellus Shale plays in this energy source. So I went an read/listened to the article myself and I have to say that the coverage they are giving does seem a bit one sided. Parts of it almost sound like propaganda from the gas companies themselves! I really like the part where they explain how the shale needs to be broken to extract the gas and to do that under the ground they use “water” (I hope you can read the heavy sarcasm here) Talk about only giving half the story! It is noted though that this is the first of a three part story and this is only the first part. We’ll have to see if they redeem themselves with the rest of the story. I also wonder what the folks of Dimock, PA would have to say about this coverage.

Here is the link to the article on NPR’s website. Another note would be to make a mention of 200 plus comments posted about this topic under the story.  Obviously a heated issue amongst many of us.