Upcoming Waterdog Training

The Waterdog training will be held Tuesday, September the 29th, at the Penn Tech north campus on Rt 6 outside Wellsboro at 7pm. Please call 570.724.1801 ext:118 and let Erika know if you are planning to attend. They would like to have an idea of how many attendees to expect.

Waterdog training is a class put together by the Pine Creek Headwaters Protection Group and they aim to educate local residents about the equipment and vehicles used for gas well drilling and operations. You will be  instructed on how to identify various vehicles and what their purpose is and with that information you are asked to keep an eye out for vehicles carrying waste water that may be parked near local streams and waterways. If you see anything suspicious you are expected to report it to the correct authorities. All the details will be covered at this training. The general idea is to make sure there are local folks who are educated about the tools these companies are using so we can make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing in regards to the safety of our water. There are a lot of well sites in our Tioga County alone and it will be tough for the DEP to have personnel all over the county at the same time.

FYI, taking this class will not make you a secret agent or anything…just hoping to educate those that are concerned for their homes and local environments.


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