A Couple of Editorials….

1. The gas companies that want to drill in the Marcellus Shale all know, just like other businesses, that they must spend money in order to make money. In 2008 they contributed a total of $36 million to candidates in national elections, and spent $133 million on lobbying. In 2009 they spent a whopping $169 million on Washington lobbying, ranking just third among industrial sectors….


2. I am not against gas exploration in our state. I do disagree with some of the methods and maneuvers being practiced as well as some of the deals that some of the gas companies made with many landowners, as they capitalized and took advantage of them, by obtaining early lease agreements, for the purpose of excessive profits in the future.


3. As an environmentally conscious resident of Pennsylvania, I cannot understand why the state has failed to issue a severance tax on the extraction of natural gas. It is undeniable that the operations surrounding natural gas extraction have major environmental consequences.