Water Well Owner Network Training in Wellsboro, PA

I’d like to pass this info along from the RDA —-

This just in from the Master Well Owners Network. This is a group within Penn State which trains people who have private wells. My husband and several of our friends have received this training, which we all found quite valuable. You learn about the legal and regulatory oversight  aspects of private well ownership in Pennsylvania and how they differ from public well systems. You also learn about how to manage your private well for optimum performance and to insure water you drink from it is free of the commonly known contaminants found in rural well systems. You come away from the training with new knowledge, valuable contacts and a notebook full of useful information for future reference.

As the message below indicates, the focus is not on gas drilling. However, there will be information about gas drilling impact on private wells at this session. 

The Master Well Owner training will be May 14th 9 AM – 4 PM. It will be held at the Tokishi Training Center in Wellsboro, PA. It’s free and lunch is provided. For details contact Stephanie Clemens at the phone number or email address below. Directions to the Tokishi Training Center can be found by clicking here: