Gas drilling using best management practices

From the Resposible Drilling Alliance:
The Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project has published a best management practices guide for their state’s oil and gas development. This could be a model for state’s newly under pressure for unconventional shale drilling – like Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia.
According to this guide,

“The challenge facing Texas now is not whether to increase fossil fuel production — energy companies are already on a record-setting pace as they accelerate development.
Rather, the challenge facing us today is how to protect our landowner rights, clean water, air and public health in the face of rapid energy development…

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Oil & Gas Accountability Project

The subject of natural gas drilling is one of many different thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas. Some people are completely against it, but may forget that they heat their homes with natural gas. Others are all for it and seem blinded by the amount of money it may bring to areas with poorer economies or to their own pockets despite the impacts. Then there seems to be a whole of of folks wandering around in the middle somewhere. Some of them know very little about the gas boom, others are trying to learn what they can to form educated opinions and still others are trying to figure out how the need for this natural resource and the method of extracting it can possibly work together to keep water, air and other natural resources safe as well as provide energy and business opportunities.

The Oil & Gas Accountability Project (OGAP) is attempting to do just that. They believe that there is room for much improvement in the way we utilize land, drill wells and transport gas. In order for this to happen there must be more regulatory requirements and OGAP has been working with  some county governments to help them set these regulations. If you want to know more about this organization please go to this link: