A Couple of Editorials….

1. The gas companies that want to drill in the Marcellus Shale all know, just like other businesses, that they must spend money in order to make money. In 2008 they contributed a total of $36 million to candidates in national elections, and spent $133 million on lobbying. In 2009 they spent a whopping $169 million on Washington lobbying, ranking just third among industrial sectors….


2. I am not against gas exploration in our state. I do disagree with some of the methods and maneuvers being practiced as well as some of the deals that some of the gas companies made with many landowners, as they capitalized and took advantage of them, by obtaining early lease agreements, for the purpose of excessive profits in the future.


3. As an environmentally conscious resident of Pennsylvania, I cannot understand why the state has failed to issue a severance tax on the extraction of natural gas. It is undeniable that the operations surrounding natural gas extraction have major environmental consequences.


Stunned at Shuster’s Words

Here are a few letters to the editor from a paper out of Bedford, PA area. This was sent to me by a farmer who lives in that are whose livestock and water has been polluted. She does not have a lease with any gas company but lives near a large compressor station and gas storage field. They have a had multiple events that have caused contamination of their water sources and agriculture in the area. The DEP continues to claim that there is nothing wrong with the water or air quality.

A Letter to the Editor…

The following letter to the editor in today’s Williamsport Sun-Gazette has some interesting ideas. Whether or not you agree with any or all of these, it surely will get you considering ways to think out of the box in addressing gas drilling issues.

A Gas Drilling Protection Plan-Posted April 29th-letter to the editor

I was surprised how fast the gas drilling industry charged into Pennsylvania and I suspect once our natural gas wealth is taken, the profiteers will be equally fast in leaving. We will be left with a destroyed landscape, massive pollution, and for decades with the clean-up costs.¬†Pennsylvania’s gas wealth belongs to the people, not the grab and go profiteers. We can not stop it, but we can control it, and share it. We must demand our elected officials return all contributions from the drillers or give it to a charity and that they notify the public of every lobbying contact. If they don’t and do not pass the following legislation, let’s vote them out of office.

We need an immediate moratorium on drilling until the following can be enacted:

1. An annual $5,000 per well drilling fee.

2. Five cents per gallon for the water drained from our creeks and rivers.

This money would be used to hire hundreds of inspectors and auditors to monitor drilling activity independent of but as a complement to our under-staffed DEP….

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