How Can the Natural Gas Industry Make Itself Cleaner?

ANGA & NPR… sitting in a tree…eh, you know how it goes

Check out this article at NPR’s site. It seems that they have gotten involved (whether intentionally or not, it’s pretty suspicious) with some strong advertising from ANGA (America’s Natural Gas Alliance). ANGA is the organization that has been running the TV, radio and online ads that tote how “clean” and wonderful natural gas is and how it is going to save Americans from their fate worse than death of running out of energy sources. You can go to this link and see their website.

Once you get there a woman will talk to you about how natural gas is going to be the new “smart” way  for this country to be greener and save energy. Then she’ll encourage you to click on the “take action” button and let your congressman or woman know that you want them to include natural gas in the new climate change bill.  Of course, she has offered no real information or ideas, I guess you just have to take her word for it. You can click on some other info links at the top of the page if your still clueless and while the info given is true for the comparisons they offer, they leave out all the truths about hydro-fracking and the way natural gas is recovered from the earth. Although the use of gas might be “cleaner”, ANGA’s website sort of skips over any explanation of an impact on the environment other than clean air.

And to bring these two together; NPR and ANGA. This just goes to show how deep into the pockets of our society the energy companies are. But seriously, who’s surprised? The media is being run by corporate industries? Is this really ground breaking news?