Trout Unlimited to hold training session for Marcellus Shale Monitoring

The following Trout Unlimited-sponsored training session is for those interested in learning about the signs and symptoms of trouble in the Marcellus Shale drilling areas, and to learn what’s normal when such activity is on-going.

When: February 26, 2011 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Where: Citizen’s Hose Co., Lock Haven, PA (on Rt 150 – aka Bellefonte Ave.)

Cost: Free for Trout Unlimited members; $17.50 for non-members (lunch and training materials included)

Registration contact: Dave Sewak – email: or phone: 814.659.1772

Updates and meetings

A couple of updates.

The “Tioga County Natural Gas Task Force” has changed it’s name to “Citizens Concerned about Natural Gas Drilling” because they are not associated with local government and the use of the term “task force” was confusing for some other PA/NY groups.

The Waterdogs will offer and Advanced training (for those of you who have taken the initial training) on the morning of February 27th from 9-12pm. You will need to call Erika and sign up if you wish to attend. I believe part or all of this course will take place outside so please dress appropriately and be prepared for cold and wet weather.

The next meeting for the Citizens Concerned about Natural Gas Drilling will take place on Feb the 11th at Wild Asaph Outfitters at 7pm; Please bring a chair.


This is a copy of the flyer on waterdogs for Tioga County PA.

Citizen Monitoring


the Marcellus Shale

The Marcellus Shale natural gas play is one of the largest deposits of natural gas in the United States. The northern tier of Pennsylvania, which contain some of the deepest stratum of Marcellus shales in the Eastern United States, has recently become the focus of intense energy development. An increased awareness of the importance of this “discovery” has brought many companies to seek El Dorado in the region.

Currently there are drilling rigs scattered across the region, with rigs located in Tioga (2 rigs), Bradford (5), and Susquehanna (11) Counties. Marcellus Shale rigs typically explore as deep as 8,000 feet and drill horizontal legs as far outward as 4000 feet from the vertical well. In order to release the gas from the tight shale formation a process called hydrofracturing is used. Hydrofracturing (called fracing for short) fractures the shale through the use of pressurized water. Special sands, called propents, are injected along with the water to form a porous route for the gas to flow through.

We are fortunate that our Department of Environmental Protection has a very rigorous permitting and inspection process that the companies must follow in order to extract the gas. We do however understand that those personnel cannot maintain a watch on the activity of all the people, rigs and trucks contracted and subcontracted to produce the gas. Many contractors and companies brought in from outside the state are not yet familiar with our regulations regarding water usage, erosion and sedimentation, and waste disposal. The region is too large and the resources of the regulators too limited to effectively keep track of the exponential growth in activity taking place. So, what can the average citizen do to help?

Pine Creek Waterdogs

Become a Pine Creek Waterdog!! It’s simple and could make a huge difference in protecting our environment and assisting the DEP in enforcing compliance with our regulations. The Pine Creek Headwaters Protection Group is holding a training and registration for Waterdogs on September 29th from 7to 9pm at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, North Campus on Route east of Wellsboro. There is a $10 registration fee to cover cost of materials. You will be provided with a bumper sticker, registration card and logbook for recording your observations. This training will show you how to document and record important observation information and who to call in the event of environmental harm or public safety issues. So join us for an interesting evening program on how a citizen can participate in the protection of our environment and place your “Pine Creek Waterdog” bumper sticker on your vehicle and go forth!