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I am a small business owner from north central PA and while I no longer live in that area my business is still located in Wellsboro, PA as well as my friends, family and my family’s land (still un-leased and it always will be!). I have a great passion for the outdoors which is heavily reflected in my everyday business and lifestyle. I am a freelance artist, musician, an amateur writer and I founded the group Citizens Concerned About Natural Gas Drilling to help folks come together for support, talk  and action in the Tioga County, PA area. I hope this blog offers information that helps others make better decisions about Pennsylvania’s families and the environment we all live in.

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  1. Dear Liz
    With all that is going on with the drilling it might be a good time to pull all the people we know for an old fashioned protest. This deal of giving permits in two days and all that is going on needs to get some public protest… I am happy to assist and know others who are just as angry and confused by what is going on.
    Might be a good time to gather all the people we know and put together a list of what we as citizens want to know and want to stop.

    Let me know when you get back from vacation and we can talk more.
    Tim and Jackie

  2. Tim and Jackie, I am up for some good old fashioned protesting. I’m also looking at doing some “artistic” things like posters and a gigantic banner over Blossburg. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to help with any of this.

    BTW, Liz, can you perhaps put a link to your RSS feed for this blog somewhere on it?


  3. Can you get this on Twitter?

  4. Hi – delighted to find your blog! I also blog on this issue and would like to stay in touch Can I ask you to e-mail me? Thanks!

  5. Very nice site! [url=http://aieopxy.com/osoxav/2.html]is it yours too[/url]

  6. I am impressed. Lots of time and effort is evident here. I have listed you as a resource in my blog FrackMountain.com. Thank you!

  7. Let’s share links. I’m at Breathing Is Political….blogging in Callicoon, NY. Sullivan County is next on the gas extraction hit list.

  8. Please add http://www.NYRAD.org to your contact link list Thank you, Kevin

  9. Liz,
    Please post the following information on your wonderful blog. Hope to meet you at this event.
    Thank you,


    Environmental Concert – Festival – Rally

    Free to the Public

    NEPA Citizens in Action is sponsoring an Environmental Concert/Festival/Rally which is intended to bring light, education and political pressure on the Marcellus Shale gas well drilling situation in our communities.
    The event will be held on August 21st, 2010 at the Luzerne County Fairgrounds in Lehman, PA from 12 noon until 7 pm. This is a family event, alcohol free and free to the public.
    The event committee is seeking food and product vendors. Your product should contribute to a “green” lifestyle to be considered for inclusion. For further information, call Dorene at 570- 328-1551 or e-mail; Deedee7@epix.net
    We are also seeking talented street performers and bands who are willing to donate their time for the cause. Please contact Roxie at or e-mail; Roxiep9@aol.com
    We also welcome the participation of any organization concerned about the quality of life and future of water quality and availability here in PA. For information, call Mary at 570-676-4919 or e-mail; emhenzi@ptd.net
    See you there!

  10. We can protest and help stop the drillers from using the poisons but we need to focus on teaching citizens how to pretest their water near gas drilling before it begins. If you do not hire a state certified lab, non associated with the gas industry to establish a baseline of quality before drilling, you have nothing to prove the drillers polluted. Educate citizens, see this website to know what to test for such as MBAS! MBAS will tell you if you have none present before drilling and it is present after drilling, a detergent or other man made chemical with poison has entered your water supply. MBAS is the baseline which may save lives.
    Sandy McDaniel

  11. I was wondering if there will be more “waterdogs” training. I would like to get involved. I cannot make the one in January, 2011. Is it possible that more may be scheduled? Thanks.


    • The Pine Creek Headwaters Protection Group is holding a training and registration for Waterdogs on February 8, 2011 from 7 to 9 pm at the Tokishi Training Center, NYPUM Drive, Wellsboro Pa.
      There is a $10 registration fee to cover cost of materials.
      To register, call
      Erica Tomlinson
      Watershed Specialist
      Tioga County Conservation District724-1801×118
      Limited to 35 Waterdog trainees

  12. Dear Liz,

    Thoroughly impressed by your site and the amount of dedication you have given to the issue of hydraulic mining. I am working on a project regarding fracking awareness and if you could email be back so I could ask you some questions and discuss further, I would be so incredibly grateful. Thank you for your time.

  13. Potter County – God’s Country – is a rare and precious gem. Please fight to preserve it. I grew up in PA decades ago. I moved away for graduate school and eventually moved to my new and beloved home in Alaska. It is beautiful up here. However, my heart is still connected to a very special place on the road between Cherry Springs and Wharton. Catching native brook trout at the beginning of April in Wild Boy and the East Fork of the Sinnemahoning while listening to ruffed grouse drumming for a mate, seeing a wild turkey hen with her just-hatched brood figuring out whether to divert attention or protect them, fall hunting turkey carefully sneaking up on the benches, seeing the rotting timbers of the cabin at the base of Horton that may have belonged to the last Native American in the area, hunting deer in a respectful, humble, and connected way, enjoying the smells and the silence of just being there in such a beautiful place (it’s named God’s Country for good reason) – are these things worth trading for the short gain of profit associated with mineral rights or other forms of development? I am old enough to realize that we cannot memorialize our past (completely). However, while I spent wonderful parts of my life in Potter County, I also lived in Lancaster County, where admittedly, at a deep personal cost to farmers, the Pennsylvania Game Commission bought land in northern Lancaster Co. to create Project 70 – what is now known as the Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge. For those who have been there, it is a remarkable oasis. Drive a few miles from there, and you are in an environment that is no different than anywhere else in this country. But, when you are there, you are transported (back – if you are old enough to remember) into a different world that you cannot find elsewhere. People now come from great distances just to witness migrations of Snow Geese there. Go ten miles away, and there is nothing special. However, Potter County – still – has the opportunity to preserve SO much more. Please (re)consider what you truly have, and stand up (as I know Pennsylvanians can do) to preserve and protect a rare and precious resource – a gift that is truly yours.

    Years ago, having taken my aging mother from a nursing home in Lancaster County back up to the hunting camp one last time before her death, I could see in her eyes that she knew she was a clear step closer to Home. Please consider what you can do to ensure that Potter County can still rightfully, proudly, (and thankfully) be called “God’s Country.”

    • Hello Jim and thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of Pennsylvania! As odd as it may seem to some, I’ve met quite a few folks who now reside in Alaska (perhaps the most beautiful state) but still think fondly of the PA Wilds and consider it to be one of the most beautiful states in the US. I hope others like you, who do not live in the PA area, will continue to pay attention to what’s happening here and make sure your federal politicians know how you feel about it.

  14. To help the citizens of the Tioga area, who live near fracking zones and depend on well water, we are offering a free water screening check, using a lab quality conductivity sensor probe–part of our Fracking Detector Kit in development. See http://frac-watch.org/index.php/store/free-water-check for detail logistics.

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