Senator Casey Introduces Three Natural Gas Bills

The following is a press release from Senator Robert Casey regarding three bills he has reintroduced.

(1) S1215: Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act (aka: The Frac Act)

(2) S S3964: Faster Action Safety Team Emergency Response Act (aka: FASTER)

(3) S3720: Marcellus Shale On-the-Job Training Act of 2010

Senator Casey’s release describes these bills. However, if you want to read the bills themselves, click here and type in the bill number or name in the appropriate location, or scroll through the list of legislators to find the person sponsoring the bill:

NOTE: newly introduced bills may not be posted immediately. At the time I received this information the three bills described in this release are not yet on this site.

One Response

  1. You need to stop the drilling now!
    We already know what chemicals were used in the drilling process on our property.
    If you wish to know how I know the gas drilling polluted our land, email me. Otherwise, go with the great frack Act which does not offer citizens completed pre or post water testing near gas drilling including but not limited to all the chemicals used to drill each well. Also who will pay for the emergency training and on the job training for the marcellus venture? PA citizens! The gas industry gets a free ride.

    It is time to stop this environmental destruction which is causing health problems and citizens, medical industry are oblivious to the procedures thinking our PADep and EPA would never poison citizens with man made drilling chemicals.

    No reply back means you like the rest of PA officials are taking steps to make it look good and could care less about what real people have to say or have gone through.

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