Ya’ll Get Together Now, Ya Hear?

Today I attended the Conservation PA event in Camp Hill, PA. I was sitting in the conference room among the other 100 or so attendees and trying to remember when I had first heard of the Marcellus Shale, or the term fracking. When I couldn’t dig up a memory of the beginning of my relationship with natural gas drilling in PA I realized how much of the last 2 years of my life have been entwined with this resource and the people whose lives it has been effecting.
While listening to the President of Penn Futures discuss the upcoming political battle for regulations and PA rulemaking in regards to natural gas drilling, I looked around me and studied the faces of others who were engaged in their own community fights against these energy giants. It was obvious from their eager listening responses that they were ready to take action and hoped to return home with new skills to use in their day to day battles with contaminated water, bad land leases, destroyed roadways and right to know laws. Somewhere in my head I was asking myself why this turnout wasn’t greater in numbers? I soon realized that each of these people represented their own communities and action groups and were intending to share the knowledge they would glean from todays event with those communities and groups. It was inspiring to meet other everyday people who had taken the time out of their lives to form a group of concerned citizens, just the way I had over a year ago.
Since moving to south central PA from north central PA I have felt out of touch with the current events of gas drilling. I have also become aware of how many PA citizens are living in areas where drilling is not happening and for this reason they are ignorant of the many problems and potential devastation this industry brings to our state. I am also encourage by how many of them, when given knowledge (the truth if you will) about this drilling process and all that surrounds it, able and ready to work together to a hopefully better end than what has been a very short-sighted and shaky beginning.
Keep on the sunny side.


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