Gas Pains….in Frackland

Here’s a new blog by a reporter from Voices in Center County, PA.

Her first post is the article that just came out in the April issue. This article is full of stories from a variety of places in PA and really brings some tough questions to the forfront of what other papers are only skirting around.

One Response

  1. It is quite interesting to find that PADEP hired more gas inspectors. Wonder if they came from the gas industry?
    Wonder how many dep gas inspectors went to work for the gas industry. Wonder when citizens will have an agency which is just for the environment and citizens?
    Now PADEP has alot of inspectors to watch the poisons being used at the drilling sites? Watch this movie and please sign the petition for: Toxic Villains and Toxic Genocide

    One step at a time we can save what is left in PA!

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