DEP plugs 259 abandoned oil and gas wells

Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger today reported the department last year managed 14 project sites in nine counties that successfully plugged 259 abandoned oil and gas wells. That work, he said, is important not only to protect the environment, but the public’s safety, as well. “Abandoned wells create passageways for pollution to enter and contaminate drinking water. They also can allow natural gas to enter water supplies or build up in a home, which can create a dangerous enclosed space,” Hanger said…. Pennsylvania has the highest number of abandoned wells in the Appalachian region and is one of the top five states nationally. The department has documented more than 8,600 wells throughout the state that were abandoned prior to passage of modern oil and gas drilling regulations….

Some might ask what insures that the taxpayer won’t be footing the bill for plugging wells abandoned if currently operating companies go bankrupt?

To read the full article, click here:

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