Bills before the PA General Assembly

George champions drilling bills
House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Chair Camille “Bud” George (D-Clearfield) yesterday introduced an important pair of bills that increase protections for natural resources and property owners from gas drilling. The bills were referred to George’s committee, and we expect hearings and action this spring.

The first proposed law, House Bill 2213 would require the Department of Environmental Protection to beef up inspections of gas well sites, provide greater protection of drinking water, require full disclosure of chemicals in water used to frack the rock to release the gas, update bonding requirements and clarify that local governments still have a role in regulating where gas wells can be placed.

George’s House Bill 2214 would forbid a drilling company from deducting post-production expenses in the calculation of royalty payments for landowners.


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  1. Having good detailed water test done prior to drilling (baseline) by the drilling company at a PA or EPA certified Lab and which would include Radium 226 and 228 ( DEP has emailed me saying these two item have been found at some sites) as well as all or any chemicals used in drilling. The drilling company should pay for this and it should be done every month or when ever a new phase of drilling is completed. After 5 years or so the interval could be increased if no prior contaminates had been found. No one knows the longer term effects so water, our most important natural resource, all areas within a mile of a site should be tested at least once a year or, for, me, once a month would better protect the citizens for our State from early death and health issues.

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