Marcellus Shale and Other News from PA Enviromental Digest

Lots of info from the RDA in this entry.
There are a number of articles about Marcellus Shale drilling in this week’s PA Environment Digest:

(1) See especially this about DCNR’s latest leasings. It was announced at the Trout Unlimited meeting in Williamsport this week that PA now has one third of its state forests under lease for gas drilling.
(2) Note also additional cuts to state agencies that are critical to monitoring the gas industries activities and for oversight of state forests:
(3) Also seethe note about the Susquehanna River Basin Commission shutting down operations in Tioga County by Texas-based driller, Novus Operating, LLC.


One Response

  1. I have heard that there was a spill of a truck carrying contaminated water used for drilling near Cedar Run on along the Pine Creek. I am avid fisherman and outdoorsman who frequents the Pine several times a year. This greatly concerns me. Has any of this water emptied into Pine Creek or any of its feeder stream and what impact can it have on the fishery itself. Pine Creek is one of PA’s best natural resources and it would be a crying shame to see something like this damage it.

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