DEP Fines again….but rather late.

DEP Fines M.R. Dirt Inc. $6,000 for Residual Waste Sludge Spill
Seven Tons Spilled in Clinton County Last Fall

WILLIAMSPORT — The Department of Environmental Protection has fined M.R. Dirt Inc. of Towanda, Bradford County, $6,000 for a residual waste sludge spill last September at the Avis exit of U.S. Route 220 in Pine Creek Township, Clinton County.

“M.R. Dirt was clearly negligent because a company employee drove away even though he observed that the seven tons of gas well drilling wastewater sludge had spilled from his vehicle,” said DEP Northcentral Regional Director Robert Yowell.

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(1) This was an infraction last fall, and the fine was imposed months later.
(2) The money paid for the fine will not go to defray public costs associated with the  gas industry. The fine was paid to the Solid Waste Abatement Fund that is used to pay for cleanups across the state.

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