Misleading TV ads

I was watching television for the first time in about  a year and half last night. I happened to be at a friends house, who had their TV on while we repainted her kitchen, and I saw a really disturbing commercial.

The commercial started out by discussing how useful coal was but how dirty  it can be and how bad it is for our environment. The ad also made commentary towards wind and solar power and how they might be good ideas but they were also very expensive and not likely to yield much of anything to the U.S. for decades! After that the ad shows a big drilling rig for natural gas and talks about how clean and safe it is for the environment…and it’s right in our backyards! Yeah, in Tioga Counties back yard and most of PA and NY. Isn’t that nice? We can sacrifice two states water, forests and health, amongst other impacts, for the sake of this whole country running in natural gas…and since we don’t have to buy it from anyone else it’ll be practically free! I could go on and on……

I will try and find a version of it online so all of you can have the opportunity to watch it. This commercial was so very misleading. Hmmm, I think it might have been on Fox too. Surprise, surprise.


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