The domestic drilling backlash

This article and the video half way down the page are a good example of what most local residents to drill areas are thinking about right now. The concerns coming up in the video and article are the same people have been discussing for the past months but the video clip also does a good job of pointing out some other impacts that are often overlooked.  The influx of workers and what they means for businesses and small towns. I know in Mansfield, PA the price of a plate of fries has increased quite a bit in the past month. My guess is that the restaurant (I won’t say which one) has seen more gas workers coming in and has decided to charge more for their food, but where does this leave the local residents who eat want to  eat out?

I also believe the comment about “slowing things down” is a pretty good goal. At this point, we are not going to stop the drilling and our country is so energy hungry and unwilling to make large scale changes on the short term basis that we probably don’t have many options as far as “to drill or not to drill?” goes. But, if the industry was willing to go slower and the state was willing to make regulations that required them to do just that, it would give scientists and homeowners alike a chance to determine exactly what is at stake and maybe some better decisions would start being made.


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