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What’s Hot/Major Actions

Chesapeake Appalachia LLC, Oregon Township, Wayne County: Chesapeake Appalachia LLC submitted partial sample results to the Oil and Gas program on Nov. 4 detailing operations at the Robson well pad.  NERO Environmental Cleanup program staff met on-site with Chesapeake on Nov. 5 to discuss further sampling requirements and site characterization needs.  The rock material that was salvaged from the pad as part of the required restoration process will remain on the property until it is determined that there are not any impacts associated with the material.  NERO Environmental Cleanup staff is providing guidance on the proper administrative procedures to achieve Act 2 compliance.  Oil and Gas program staff sent Chesapeake a notice of violation letter for the release.  (John Ryder 570-327-0533)

Penns Valley School District Biomass Project, Spring Mills, Centre County: On Nov. 10, OETD Manager Dave Shimmel and Air Quality Permit Chief Muhammad Zaman met with the Penns Valley School District facilities director and its consultant, Blazosky Associates, to discuss the requirements for submitting a competent Air Quality plan approval application.  The meeting was arranged to ensure that Penns Valley will not have more delays in its application process.  The Penns Valley project is for the construction of a biomass (wood chip) boiler that will be used to heat three buildings on the school district campus.  It also includes constructing a new power plant to house the wood chip fired boiler.  About 84,000 gallons of No. 2 fuel oil will be eliminated at the high school and 348,000 kilowatt hours of electricity will be eliminated to heat the elementary school. This will save more than $200,000 per year for the school district at current energy rates.  (Dave Shimmel, 570-327-3568)

Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Potter, Tioga, Bradford, Susquehanna, Wayne and Pike Counties: On Nov. 9, the Watershed Management Program accepted an NPDES/Chapter 102 permit application and a Chapter 105/Water Obstruction and Encroachment permit application for Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s proposed 300 Line expansion project.  The NCRO will take the lead on these reviews and coordinate with the respective county conservation district offices, NERO and the Army Corps of Engineers, who will be reviewing its own Nationwide Permit application for this project.  The applications did have some administrative deficiencies and the applicant was notified of these.  The applications will be assigned so technical reviews can begin.  (John Twardowski 570-321-6523)

Bionol Clearfield LLC, Clearfield Borough, Clearfield County: The Environmental Cleanup program received progress reports this week from the certified installer and inspector on this large aboveground storage tank installation project.  Bionol, its engineering firm, Fagan Engineering, and tank installer, Brown Tank, were cited by DEP on Oct. 8 when it was determined that 12 regulated tanks had been installed at the facility without using a Pennsylvania certified tank installer.  Bionol has since retained the services of the appropriately certified individuals who report satisfactory progress.  Hydrostatic testing of the tanks, the final step in the installation process, is scheduled to begin the end of this month.  (Steve Webster 570-327-3657)

Waste Vehicle Inspections, Wayne Township Landfill, Clinton County: On Nov. 4-5, Waste Management program staff, along with the Pa. State Police, conducted a waste vehicle operational and safety inspection at the Wayne Township landfill.  There were 108 vehicles inspected by DEP staff during the two day event, with 19 violations discovered on 12 vehicles. There were five violations for not having proper signs, three violations for not having a daily operational log, three violations for leaking loads, three violations for not having a PPC plan, two violations for not having the load properly enclosed, one violation for not having a fire extinguisher, one violation for being overweight, and one violation for not having safety/spill equipment. Ten field notice of violations and two written warnings were issued. The assessments for the violations will range from $100 to $1,500 per violation.  (James Greene 570-327-0536)

Potential Problems/Potential Major Actions


Emergency Response, Lawrence Township, Clearfield County: On Nov. 10, DEP Emergency Response Team member Jim Green responded to a truck accident that closed Interstate 80 westbound in Lawrence Township.  The truck was hauling 20 drums of hydroxy xyethylacrylate, an inhalation hazard, and 10 drums of Diethylaniline, an inhalation/corrosive hazard.  Green worked with Clearfield County Emergency Management Agency and Eagle Towing and Recovery.  They determined that the drums had not leaked and the only release was diesel fuel.  The load was transferred, contaminated soil excavated, and the road re-opened.  The incident was referred to the Environmental Cleanup program for follow-up.  (Gerald McKernan 570-327-3722)

Emergency Response, Mansfield Borough, Tioga County: On Nov. 10, DEP staff investigated a tank truck accident that closed Route 15 just north of Mansfield.  The tank truck was reported to be transporting fracking fluids for the gas well industry.  DEP staff determined that the truck was empty and the only environmental damage was lube oil from the tractor.  The incident was referred to the Environmental Cleanup program for follow-up.  (Gerald McKernan 570-327-3722)


Good News/Major Accomplishments


Pickelner Fuel Company Inc., City of Lock Haven, Clinton County: On Nov. 3, the Environmental Cleanup program finalized a $15,000 civil penalty with Pickelner Fuel Co. Inc. to settle violations of the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act.  The penalty was issued because the facility had failed to conduct tank or piping leak detection for 12 consecutive months for the facility’s five underground storage tanks.  This is the third time these violations have occurred at this facility.  (Steve Webster 570-327-3657)


Resilite Sports Products, Upper Augusta Township, Northumberland County: On Nov. 6, the Environmental Cleanup program acknowledged receipt of a Remedial Action Completion Report that documents the company’s efforts in response to the 1986 discovery of a release of methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and acetone.  Resilite has operated at this location for nearly 50 years manufacturing and refurbishing athletic mats.  The release occurred from underground piping associated with two above ground tanks, a leaking underground tank and distribution system, and spills from the filling of the tanks.  Between September 1987 and December 1988, a groundwater containment/recovery system was installed and operated until June 2006.  Quarterly sampling of the groundwater since deactivation of the treatment system has shown all contaminants of concern to be well below the residential Statewide Health Standards.  Resilite conducted the cleanup effort voluntarily and chose not to participate in the Act 2 program.  (Larry Newcomer 570-327-3418)


Outreach/Upcoming Events


Water and Wastewater Energy Training for Decision-Makers, University Park, Centre County: OETD Manager Dave Shimmel joined several Local Development District (LDD) representatives and two persons from Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences on a teleconference Nov. 10 to continue program development on a 90-minute energy training module for water and wastewater treatment plant board members, supervisors and others responsible for making decisions on energy efficiency in their operations. NWRO and NCRO have been training operators through a partnership with the Pa. Rural Water Association in a day long workshop developed by NWRO OETD.  This is an extension of that effort with the intent to use a multiple approach to reach those treatment plant individuals who decide whether capital expenditures will be made.  The workshop will be taped at Penn State studios to ensure a high quality video. It will be located on Penn State servers to provide fast streaming capabilities as well.  There will be DVDs of the video mailed as well.  The plan is to also offer the workshop on a live basis with presenters traveling to various LDD locations to make evening presentations. Conference call attendees included SEDA-COG, Northeast Pa. Alliance and Southern Alleghenies.  (Dave Shimmel 570-327-3568)

Act 2

Pecha Trucking Act 2 Site, Pine Township, Clearfield County: On Nov. 9, the Environmental Cleanup program approved an Act 2 Final Report for the Pecha Trucking accident involving a release of 50 to 80 gallons of diesel fuel from a tractor trailer that occurred on Aug. 1.  The fuel was discharged to the roadway and soil along Interstate 80. Eagle Towing and Recovery excavated about 50 tons of contaminated soil and sent the soil to a landfill.  Post-excavation soil sample results indicated that the diesel fuel compounds of concern were below DEP’s Statewide Health Standards for a residential setting. Taylor GeoServices completed the reporting requirements under Act 2.  This site received a relief of liability for soil under the Statewide Health Standard.  (Randy Farmerie 570-327-3716)

Former Penn Natural Gas Holder/Regulator Station Act 2 Site, Muncy Borough, Lycoming County: On Nov. 2, a contractor for UGI/Penn Natural Gas conducted remediation activities at a former natural gas holder/regulator station located in Muncy Borough.  The site is one of six included in a multi-site agreement between DEP and UGI/Penn Natural Gas  An NIR for remediation to a Statewide Health Standard for lead in soil was submitted on Oct. 31, 2007.  During site characterization that year, a 30 foot by 10 foot area of lead-contaminated soil was discovered where an aboveground storage tank had been located.  The contamination is believed to be the result of lead based paint; although the area contained fill that included cinders, coal ash and concrete, which may have been the source of lead.  Remediation consisted of excavating 52 tons of soil, backfilling with clean soil, and re-grading of the site.  Post-excavation samples confirmed that the soil left in place contains no lead above Act 2 Statewide Health Standards. (Larry Newcomer 570-327-3418)

NPDES Majors Backlog Status


Number of Overdue Permits-0

Number of Permits Issued This Week-0

Number of Permits Newly Expired This Week-0

(Chad Miller 570-327-3639)


Items for the DEP Planning Calendar


EPA Chesapeake Bay TMDL Public Meeting

Nov. 18 at 5 p.m.

Genetti Hotel–Williamsport

Upper Middle Susquehanna River Water Resources Committee Public Meeting

Nov. 19 at 1 p.m.



EPA Chesapeake Bay TMDL Public Meeting

Nov. 19 at 2 p.m.

Toftrees Resort and Conference Center

(Daniel Spadoni 570-327-359)


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