The Frac Act

This link will take you to a site that is tracking the Frac Act. You can go there now and then and see exactly where this bill stands and that very little has happened with it since it was introduced in June 2009.

The Frac Act is a set of bills that would help regulate and control the oil and gas drilling industries ability to bypass the Safe Water Drinking Act, The Clean Air Act and give the EPA the power to make regulations about the process of hydraulic fracturing. For more info you can check out these links.

The Senate met on Nov. the 9th and the House meets on Nov. the 16th regarding this bill. If you are concerned with the loopholes that currently exist, which allow the gas and oil industry to get away with water pollution and well contamination (amongst other things) please contact your Senators and Congressmen about this importance of the Frac Act. Remember that this bill needs to go into action on a federal level (and is being voted on as such) so contact your federal representatives about it, not state.



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