Cancer-causing toxin found in air near gas facilities

Here’s some info from the responsible Drilling Alliance in PA.

11:16 AM CDT on Friday, October 30, 2009    By CHRIS HAWES / WFAA-TV

FORT WORTH — Drilling for natural gas began to take off in the Barnett Shale around 2002, when there were nearly 2,000 wells.

Since then, that number has grown to more than 12,000 wells. So, many might wonder which government agency has been testing the air at each of those sites to check for any potentially harmful elements in the air.

The answer is: No one.

Now, for the first time, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is conducting a Barnett Shale air quality study. The results have surprised the highest levels of the commission.

It is worth a few minutes of your time to click on the links above, especially the top one and view the video.  The city government in Fort Worth went gung ho into drilling inside the city. They have allowed Chesapeake among others to drill in city parks, neighborhoods, and near schools.   I mention Chesapeake because of their presence here.

This issue came up over a year ago and the mayor and city council in FW turned aside the concerns of a noted researcher and took the side of the industry. Now they are acting surprised.

Air pollution from gas drilling can be greatly reduced in the same way it was greatly reduced in automobiles by capture and reuse. It is inexpensive to do and can even turns a bit of a profit.

Why don’t they do it?  Because no one makes them.  We have 50 companies drilling here and good regulations are the only way to avoid what is happening in Texas.  If regulations are in place as the industry ramps up here, they can be factored it in and not present us with a fight later on to force an expensive retrofit. Best for everyone.

Will our DEP be able to do the job? Not likely when they are overwhelmed with water issues from gas drilling and have had their budget cut 27%.


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