DEP Revokes Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permits for Two Gas Companies

Three erosion and sediment permits have been revoked by the DEP in Tioga and Potter Counties. Above is the information at DEP’s website and it gives details about which companies and which sites are having these problems and why. The good part here is that the DEP was finally able to do something about these permits. The sad part is that they are permits that went into effect a couple of months ago and it has taken this long for lawyer Matt Royer from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to acquire the ability to do something about it. This is truly a huge problem and could have been avoided had the ability of the local conservation districts to review permits not been taken out of their job descriptions! I am happy that they are finally able to do something about it. I know the local folks in the DEP here have been very frustrated by this.

Here are a few more links about this issue from various newpapers.


3 Responses

  1. Here’s a link to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation press release on the permit revocations.

  2. We agree that it is a shame that it takes a legal challenge to get DEP to do the right thing. CBF was the first and only group to challenge faulty permits issued without technical review, and we filed our challenges as soon as we became aware of them.

    And, we agree that Conservation Districts should have never been stripped of their review authority! We were one of first groups to express opposition to this move, and one of the loudest. In order to prevent these problems from ocurring again and again, DEP should give review authority back to the Districts.

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