Getting to know the natural gas industry-program

Tioga County Natural Gas Task Force Presents

Getting to Know the Natural Gas Industry”

by Jim Weaver

Jim Weaver will offer a presentation on Monday Oct 26th from 7pm to 9pm at the Canoe Camp church in Mansfield. This program will introduce attendees to the natural gas industry and much of their means and technologies. It will also highlight some of the impacts to our surrounding communities, waterways and forests. This program will run about an hour and there will be a question and answer discussion period of half an hour after the presentation. This program is free and open to anyone who wants to attend because they are interested in furthering their knowledge about this topic or would like a better understanding of what role Tioga County is playing in the natural gas rush.

Date: October 26th, 2009

Time: 7-9pm

Place: Canoe Camp D.O.C. In Mansfield, PA

Directions: Heading south out of Mansfield on old route 15, just before the traffic light at Walmart, the church will be on the left. It is called “Canoe Camp D.O.C.”(Disciples of Christ) and the There is parking at the of the building back as well as behind the bank next door.

For more information about the Tioga County Natural Gas Task Force or questions please contact Elizabeth Berkowitz at


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