You Have a Voice so Use it!

Hello folks!

I don’t like to tell other people what to do and this blog is supposed to offer information and not too of my blabber….but if you have time today please, please call Senator Scarnati’s office and let him know that you want him to support Amendment 3916 to House Bill 1489 (the severance tax bill). I just called this morning and it was very simple and easy to do. In fact you are welcome to call all your state reps and let them know the same thing. You’ll find a link to a page with that info on it below.

This is the number for his office. 717.787.7084. The secretary will answer and all you have to do is tell her your name, where you are calling from and let her know which amendment (use the number above) you want him to support for which bill (also using the number from above). There is a good chance this might pass this week and if they do not hear from us then it will be tough for him to represent us, which is what he is supposed to be doing.  If you call Matt Baker’s office they will tell you that there is nothing certain to be voted on this week. That may very well be since they are still ironing out the budget, but you can still call and let them know where you stand on a severance tax. If you want more info about the severance tax please check out this site.
Here are some details on this amendment and bill that are being passed.

Please call your state representative ASAP. Tell them to support Amendment 3916 to House Bill 1489 (the severance tax bill). This amendment by Rep. Dave Levdansky substantially improves the bill by increasing support for the Environmental Stewardship Fund (aka Growing Greener) and the Fish and Game Commissions in the long term.

A vote in the House could happen this week so please contact your representative soon. Go to the upper right corner of to find your legislators.


House Bill 1489 presently would establish the natural gas severance tax and dedicate 15% of it to Growing Greener, which is running out of money. The Fish and Game Commissions would receive an additional 2% each for habitat and public access work. Amendment 3916 would increase the dedicated amounts to 20% for Growing Greener and 3% for each of the commissions.

(Amendment 3916 is sensitive to present budget shortfalls by directing more severance tax revenue to the state’s General Fund this year and in 2010-11. This is a far better way to deal with the shortfalls than rushing to lease more publicly owned State Forest for gas drilling without respect for good science and principles of sustainable management of the forest.)

For general information on the natural gas severance tax and drilling impacts, go to
Thanks to all who attended the waterdogs meeting last night and thank you for calling. If you need a phone stop by my store and you are welcome to use the shop phone, free of charge!


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