NPR’s Coverage of the Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale

Every day I get quite a few emails from folks about the natural gas drilling that is taking place in my local area of Tioga County, PA. This morning I received a large number of emails all pertaining to one thing; NPR’s coverage of the natural gas drilling industry and the role the Marcellus Shale plays in this energy source. So I went an read/listened to the article myself and I have to say that the coverage they are giving does seem a bit one sided. Parts of it almost sound like propaganda from the gas companies themselves! I really like the part where they explain how the shale needs to be broken to extract the gas and to do that under the ground they use “water” (I hope you can read the heavy sarcasm here) Talk about only giving half the story! It is noted though that this is the first of a three part story and this is only the first part. We’ll have to see if they redeem themselves with the rest of the story. I also wonder what the folks of Dimock, PA would have to say about this coverage.

Here is the link to the article on NPR’s website. Another note would be to make a mention of 200 plus comments posted about this topic under the story.¬† Obviously a heated issue amongst many of us.


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