Horseheads planning board recommends approval for Schlumberger plant

Schlumberger Limited is one of the worlds largest oilfield service companies. They supply drilling companies with products, well testing, well cementing and evaluations amongst other things. They are also the company that has been testing and using the “greenslurry” product for hydrofracturing instead of the more traditional and controversial forms of fracking fluids. However, I believe the “greenslurry” is only being used for off shore drilling at this point in time. The clean water act and other laws require extreme testing and safety in regards to off shore drilling. The gas companies drilling on land are currently exempt from the safewater drinking act….go figure!

Here’s an article by Jeff Murray from the Star Gazette about Schlumberger Technology Corporation placing a plant in the Horesheads area.

HORSEHEADS — A proposed Schlumberger Technology Corp. project in Horseheads cleared a major hurdle Tuesday when the village Planning Board voted to recommend approval of the company’s site plan.

The fate of the proposed natural gas drilling services facility is now in the hands of the village Board of Trustees, which must decide if a full State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) is necessary before granting final approval.

The Planning Board recommendation is contingent upon Schlumberger providing village officials with a detailed statement regarding the likely financial impact of the project on the village. Representatives from Schlumberger’s consultant, Bergmann Associates, said that report could be ready within about a week.

The Schlumberger project is expected to create up to 400 new jobs, some of which will be filled from out of the area, but has also raised concerns among residents because of chemicals and explosives that will be stored on-site.

Consultant Ron Sherman, hired by the village to help review the Schlumberger proposal, said the company has addressed every concern and question he raised.

“The site drawings are 99.9 percent there. They have covered everything I’ve asked for,” Sherman told trustees and planning board members during a joint workshop Tuesday. “I can’t think of anything we’ve missed. In all candor, everything has been addressed.”

Chemung County’s stormwater engineer also reviewed the project and said he’s satisfied with the plan for addressing water quality issues.

Michael S. Smith, the county’s director of fire and emergency services, also addressed concerns raised by a petition that was filed with the village by Walter Hang of Ithaca-based environmental firm Toxics Targeting Inc.

The petition, signed by more than 60 residents, requested a full environmental impact study for the project and included a map of more than 80 toxic spills or accidents that have taken place over the years within a quarter-mile radius of the proposed site. But those cases are no longer relevant, Smith told village officials.


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