“Split Estate” by Red Rock Pictures

If you have not yet seen this documentary you need to find time to watch it!  I am just livid that part of the agreement that Laura Amos settled on was to keep quiet about what happened to her family! We need to hear these stories but the gas and oil companies are willing to spend whatever it takes to keep people quiet. So, so much of this is about money. Some people need money, some people want money, so they give into to having a well drilled on their land. Others have fears that they cannot escape the damage because all their neighbors have signed contracts for wells. When I talk to folks about the wells and why they agreed to these contracts almost all of them were swayed by money. And the most ironic part of it is this! The oil and gas industry has so much money that is is pennies in their pockets to keep people quiet about the problems and damage that can go on, and is going on in this country. They pay out thousands of dollars to get the right to drill on your land, poison you, your family, and the water and then pay you thousands of dollars more to keep your mouth shut.

Go watch this!


And here is the link the the section or this film and interviews that was covered by Democracy Now!



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