Getting All the Facts

Here’s one more website that may be of interest:
This is the website of R&R Energy Consulting (Jackie Root and Earle Robbins). Their mission is to assist landowners with negotiating better terms and prices with their leases. Earle was formerly the director of the local PSU Cooperative Extension. They are very informed on surface and mineral owner rights, however, I’m unsure how familiar they are with the environmental side of drilling. Which brings me to a point I would like to make. There are a lot of reasons why some people decide to lease or not lease their land to the energy companies. Most of these decisions are not a simple as black and white but are being made that way. Just as the land-lease agreements are not black and white, these sort of decisions should not be made quickly, with poor information or only some information. One of the goals I have as a writer has been to help people get informed on which ever decision they would like to make. People who are are leaning towards signing these leases should make sure they have heard all the facts and are completely aware of what they are getting into. Someone from an oil company may not bother to tell you everything, but choose to put parts of the information in small print where they do not expect you to read it and half of it may be legal terms that only a trained lawyer might understand. One the other hand someone who is against all forms of drilling might only tell you about the terrible environmental impact and leave out the high dollar signs that may come to the lessee each month. My point is, make sure you are well educated and well informed. In order to do this you must seek out people from both ends of the energy spectrum as well as determine what your own priorities are and how your choice will effect you, your land, your water, your family and friends as well as all those who live in your area.
I would encourage anyone who is considering leasing their land to confer with a lawyer first. I have heard a few tales of local lawyers doing this for folks for free and will see what other sort of details I can dig up on that.


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