Tioga County Meeting

Hi folks,

I am going to set up a meeting about the oil and gas drilling. Most likely the meeting place will be in Wellsboro and remain that way unless I get a lot of folks asking it be elsewhere. The first meeting will take place at Wild Asaph Outfitters after store hours. After that we can decide on a meeting place.

I am asking people to vote on a day to meet so we can get the most folks here at one time and make some decisions about how we’d like to proceed. Evenings open for the vote are Tuesday Sept. 15th or Thursday Sept 17th. The meeting can happen anytime after 6pm. Please let me know which day works better for you and if you can come.

I also want to clarify that if you come to this meeting or any of the future meetings you will not be obligated to be involved in any way unless you want to. Please feel free to come if you are curious or are just hoping to find more information or have questions. We will attempt to answer any questions or make note of them and find answers. If you want to be involved I highly encourage you to attend.

Thank you,


One Response

  1. Hey Liz,

    Count me in. Tuesday works best for me.

    Michelle Lawrence

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