Rendell says no to gas drilling tax for new budget

I would love to hear your responses to the article at the above link.

To me, this article explains how Rendell would like to support the oil and gas industries ability to make a lot of money for themselves and no one else. Makes me wonder exactly what he might be getting out of it?

“There is no reason why we shouldn’t be taxing natural gas reserves in the Marcellus Shale,” added Mr. Marcy “We believe it is only fair for big oil and big natural gas to pay their fair share.”-except from the article

Why should PA state tax payers let a company that is not Pennsylvania based, not even east coast based, come onto our land, rape it of one natural resources while destroying most of the others and then leave with all the profit? Well, that’s sort of what’s going on and it makes no sense to me how anyone who lives near to this industry or pays taxes in the state of PA would think a plan that does not tax the oil and gas industry is A-okay!

People can write/call Rendell and write/call their reps and raise hell about this. If you are not sure who your reps are you can find out here.     Please be sure to specify that all or a portion of the taxes should be sent back to the local communities where the drilling is taking place. Rendell’s original proposal wants the taxes to go into the general fund.

P.S. Check out the shifty little poll at the bottom left of the article. Notice how the third option of “Don’t tax ever for maximum growth” is worded….maximum growth….they do not specify who’s growth.


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