Harrisburg took the permit reviews away from the Conservation Districts

How about that? If you don’t know about this you should…except I cannot find any good info about how or why this happened. I have heard from a few folks who work under the DEP that the local conservation districts have been told it is no longer a part of there job to fully review permits for state land.

The reason that we have people employed to review permits is to protect areas, like the Pine Creek watershed..which is also part of the Chesapeake watershed, from waste, chemicals, destruction of wild life and aquatic life, etc. Without those permits being reviewed it opens a door to anyone, in this case the oil and gas industry, to come in and easily get a permit to run a pipeline through the creeks or possibly dump waste water into our wetlands or have storm surge contaminate our water ways. It would appear that those folks in Harrisburg (a.k.a Rendell…) want it to be this way because they sure are making an effort to take down all the road blocks that have been built over the years.

If you look at s few of my older posts you’ll find the letter in which Matt Royer discusses the lack of permit reviews and how they effect local areas as well as those are at 300 miles away from Tioga County, PA.


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