More Disturbing News

The below links have some very disturbing information in them. The drilling that is currently going on in Colorado and Wyoming is a bit further along than what is happening here in north central PA, but is most likely where we will end up in a short period of time.( See second link below) The regulations that are currently in place for our water sources are not nearly as tight or safe as they should be. For years these regulations were fine because the number of drilling sites was so low or non-existent. Now they are all over the place and there has been little to no motion to help change those regulations and create new ones that can assure all of us that our water is safe. Some of the scariest parts of this are the stories I’ve found on people in other locations of PA who have been sick due to water pollution from drilling. (see first link below) These families are sick, their kids are sick, the fur on their pets is falling out and every time they water their livestock they make them sicker until they die.

I used to wonder why and how this could go unchecked for so long with such terrible results? Well, part of the reason these energy companies are getting away with it is because the local people in the drilling area, this area, are not fighting it! Half of us are not even asking questions! People, this is your home, your woods, your fields and streams. If you care about it at all or have any sort of family, farming history or a desire to continue to hunt and fish and recreate in these places you love, you need to start thinking, asking questions and doing something about it!

the first link is an article I found about 3 months ago. You’ll see my post at the bottom of the comments.

The second link was sent to me a few weeks ago….and it scares me.


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